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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  April 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 6:00. hello and thanks for joining us i'm maureen umeh. leaders from dozens of countries are arriving for a nuclear security conference that begins tomorrow. there are several street closures that might affect you. this is where you will not be able to go starting tonight. streets are shut down and parking is limited. security is also tightening up. that could mean you may have to change your commute plans. fox 5's matt ackland is live at the convention center in northwest to explain why. matt? >> reporter: it's understandable when you have so many world leaders in one spot security has to be tight. in fact, security has been
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ramped up here close to the convention center for the last couple days. we're right along l street. you can see hipped me police vehicles and -- behind me police vehicles and ten foot fencing. to my left is massachusetts avenue. the mobile command center has been brought into place. you can see several officers. this part of mass avenue has fencing there. it looks like a shorter fence, maybe four or five feet high. let's take you to video. as you were talking about maureen, there is going to be traffic issues here tomorrow. d.c. police and federal authorities have set up checkpoints around this area. what you really need to keep in mind if you travel through this area that tonight at 10:00 this place is basically going to be shut down. we show you that map earlier. remember, if you use major routes like ninth street to get to work you won't be able to do that monday and tuesday. also if you typically use the mount vernon other than metro station you won't be able to after 9:00 p.m. today until the summit is over.
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trains will pass through the tunnel there, but no passengers are getting on and off. >> if your normal commute takes you past the convention center and you don't do anything to prepare for that, then you might be in for some trouble on monday morning. we're really trying to get the word out to people about the street closures and the parking restrictions so they can plan ahead and make alternate plans if they need to. >> reporter: live this area has been surrounded. traffic is flowing well a long massachusetts avenue but the side streets closer to the convention center, the traffic has been calmed down. at 10:00 sharp, the authorities, secret service d.c. police are shutting down the area, preparing for tomorrow when the dignitaries arrive here. if you are heading to work if you pass through this area tomorrow, d.c. officials are really asking that you plan ahead that you take some time tonight and find another way
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around. maureen. >> you're going to need to. that place is tight. thank you, matt. we'll check with you later tonight for an update. of course as you know all this is in preparation for a two-day conference on nuclear weapons and the increasing danger of attack from terrorist organizations. secretary of state hillary clinton pointed out many countries are vulnerable because there are many places in the world where nuclear material is not secure. >> we know that terrorist groups, primarily al-qaeda persist in their efforts to obtain enough nuclear material to try to do something that would cause such mass havoc and terror and damage and destruction that it would be devastating. >> some countries were not invited to the country. they include north korea and iran. both are considered to be in violation of the global non-proliferation agreement. syria is also not invited. the white house believes that country's leaders also want to build a nuclear program. a russian government investigator says it does
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not look like the pole issue president's plane had any technical problems before it crashed yesterday. the president's body was returned to pole and today where mourn -- poland today where mourners paid respects. lech kaczynski and his wife were killed after the pilot tried to land in western russia. voice recordings do not indicate any problems. the crash has left many in poland devastated. >> i'm sure poland will come through this. this is a strong nation, strong democracy and strong friend to america. we pause and join them in this grief. >> russian investigators say the pilot had been warned that it was too foggy to land but made the attempt anyway. the crash killed 96 people on board. the mourning isn't limited to poland itself. in our area a church was packed with people who wanted to be part of a memorial to the victims. particularly the pole issue president. fox 5's roz plater was at the service. she joins us live in the news room. >> reporter: the pole issue
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community in our area held a memorial mass. this is a small tight-knit group who told us it was important to mourn together. high noon, polish americans from across the d.c. area make their way to our lady queen of poland parish in silver string. they packed the pews of the tiny church, lined the walls and aisles and stood in the parking lot. they come to pay respects, share their grief and take part in a memorial mass. >> it's a terrible tragedy for the entire polish nation worldwide. and it's a severe blow. and i feel very sad. >> we all have in tremendous pain and youography -- grieve.
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>> where overwhelmed. . >> reporter: opinioned's president first lady -- poland's first lady president, and other dignitaries per issued in russia. their priest told them they may not understand why the tragedy happened. >> we know that sometimes sacrifice is needed. we don't know why and what for, but we know that that [ inaudible ] . >> reporter: it's a reminder of how fragile life can be. >> it's a good lesson for us to think for the future and especially to be hurry to love each other because we don't know when is going to be the last day. >> reporter: the priest pointed out the irony in this tragedy. he said the plane went down near the katyn forest.
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poland's president and top leaders were on their way to a ceremony marking that massacre. as the investigation unfolds and the pole issue president and his wife were remembered, stay with fox 5 news. we will bring you the latest on the air and on alexandria police are on the scene of a double murder. two bodies were found in a high rye apartment this morning. they were discovered after someone reported a disturbance. investigators say both of them were stabbed, their throats cut. investigators say this is the suspect. if you've seen him employees call alexandria police. firefighters were on the scene right now at a school that caught fire in northeast d.c. you can see the smoke pouring out from eastern senior high school. fire officials tell us the fire is on the roof of the building. they say the school is under renovation. there was a small crew of workers there when that
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fire started but everyone got out okay. no word on what caused the fire. a warm and beautifully sunny day. a live look outside. a good evening to take a walk, hang out, outside and enjoy the nice weather. let's check in with gwen tolbart in the fox 5 weather center. let's hope the rest of the week stays this way. >> reporter: we have a few changes but we can't complain about weekend weather. today, spectacular. let's take a look at the temperatures. well above seasonable. these temperatures, 11 to 13 degrees warmer than we should be. 76 at national, 78 at dulles and 76 at baltimore. now, currents temperatures in the 70s as well. from 73 to 75. so 79 to the south in fredericksburg. not too late to get out and enjoy these pleasant conditions. as far as skies are concerned, we've got clear conditions, a few clouds will be rolling in tonight. we have to keep an eye on a frontal system but overall it will not be all bad.
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49 degrees for the overnight low and light winds. your full forecast is just ahead and a look at the all important five-day. the national cherry blossom festival has officially ended tonight. as you can see most of those cherry blossoms are gone. the peak for the blossoms was on march 31st. it's not too late to look forward to the next time they are in full bloom. next year's festival will run from march 26th to april 10th. so mark your calendars. you fly a lot. maybe you almost never do. either way you are probably not going to like the idea of paying for a carry on bag. find out who is behind the effort to bag that fee for good. the time to stop and reflect on the nightmare that killed millions of jews. the memorials have begun for the miners skilled in the explosion in west virginia. we're going to take you there and explain what happens next. don't go away. we're coming right back.
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search crews are continuing to recovery bodies from the west virginia coal mine blast. 29 people were killed in monday's explosion. it is being labeled the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. president obama says there will be a thorough investigation and accountability for the incident. meantime mourners are remembering those who lost their lives. on the first sunday following the blast many
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attended church prayer services. >> reporter: they wore many hats, including a coal miner's helmet. the 29 men killed in the upper big branch mine were outdoors men athletes and musicians. they were brothers fathers and friends. >> there is a bond there that i can't explain to no one. it just is a bond that -- brotherhood. >> reporter: has rescuers begin to recover the bodies from monday's explosion loved ones struggle with grief, as they recall loved ones that range from 20 to 61. the west virginia state medical examiner's office said it received several bodies saturday and is waiting for more. some were told their loved ones died shortly after the explosion, though many bodies have not been officially identified. families holding funerals and memorials. >> they were real good men and ready to go home to be
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with jesus. >> reporter: federal investigators are scheduled to arrive monday to begin looking into the blast. massey was slapped with a string of safety violations including two the same day as the explosion. massey's ceo don blankenship says his company puts safety first. >> you can't be productive if you're not safe. >> reporter: during a time of mourning and investigation many are reflecting. >> the mine will be here when we're long gone. >> reporter: and remembering those lost in a state with deep roots inside the mines. jane mets letter, fox news. in jer use linemen thousands are coming together -- jerusalem thousands are coming together to remember the 6 million jews killed in the holocaust. air ride sirens went off marking 2 minutes of silence in memory of the victims. israeli prime minister netanyahu spoke at the
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memorial. other leaders were also in attendance. you're supposed to get better in the hospital but all too often patients actually get sicker. find out how one hospital is pioneering a system that can sense how clean a nurse's hands are before they touch the patient. that's on the other side of this break. h ntis
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a new york senator wants the federal government to ban airlines
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from charging fees for carry on bags. senator charles schumer says the fee is slap in the face to passengers and pointed out that carry on bags contain theys like medication. last week spirit airlines announced it would charge up to $45 per carry on bag but it is reducing ticket prices by $40. you might soon be able to track your smart trip card online. you will be allowed to access your card's information with your computer but in order to do that you would have to provide personal information, set up a password and a digital signature. the move isn't a done deal yet, though. the full board still has to vote on it later this month. no votes needed this day was absolutely wonderful. i think you can use the word spectacular. perfect word for it. >> it was a great weekend overall. >> i loved it. >> we did very. >> we still have a little bit more of this to enjoy before things start to change. you know m nature.
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>> fickle. >> we have a few clouds rolling in through the course of this evening and tonight but it is still very comfortable outside. we had no shortage of sunshine today. still bright skies out there. temperatures right now are really, really great. if you haven't had a chance to get out this is still your chance. it's not over yet. expect clouds to be rolling in and the week is going to start very much on the sunny side. temperatures are going no continue to be pretty close to a seasonal to just above. showers are possible, though as we head into mid-week. be prepared for that and as i said those temperatures are going to be near seasonal to just slightly above. today they were well above seasonal. take a look at some of the numbers i've got here. 76 at national airport 78 at dulles baltimore into the 70s. these temperatures from 11 to 13 degrees warmer than they should be. remember the 90-degree days we had? not quite that hot but out
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of sync as far as the normal temperatures are concerned. we should really only be into about the low 60s to mid-60s. 77 at charlottesville, 78 at hagerstown so we got delta great hand for this weekend. it's still very nice outside and comfortable. 73 at d.c. we've got 73 at gaithersburg. fredericksburg, 79 at this hour and 75 at manassas. a little cooler at annapolis near the water at 68 degrees. as far as the temperatures elsewhere are concerned across the country to the south, we've been benefitting from that southerly flow of air that moved in. but we've good cooler air on tap associated with a frontal system. that frontal system is sinking its way to the south. temperatures not quite as cold as last night, however, to the west where we had a frost advisory, none of that tonight. temperatures into the upper 40s and low 50s. let's look at truview because that front actually moving its way from the north is going to stall to the south of u.s. into the course of tonight. you see all these clouds to the west? that's what we're going to
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see. the clouds will push their way in towards us. it's a moisture starved front so the precipitation you see to the north we're not anticipating seeing any of that as we move into tonight. let's go back to the weather map. this frontal system will develop a wave of low pressure. it is going to stall out between the virginia and north carolina border and as it does that wave of low pressure that's when we could see a chance of a shower or two. we're talking tuesday into wednesday. in the meantime for your monday, things are looking great. we have plenty of sunshine on tap for you although it will be a little cooler day. a pleasant start to the week with the sunshine as we move through into tomorrow and we're just going to have to watch the tuesday, wednesday period. here's a look at future cast for you. it looks like tuesday night will be the period for the most measurable rainfall. by 3:00 we see it start to move in. that meanings the evening commute will be affected. still sticking around until 8:00. for tonight on the other hand, mostly cloudy, a cool night into the 40s.
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but not as cold as last night. especially to the west as i mentioned. a very light northerly wind at 5 miles per hour and then tomorrow, couldn't ask for a better start to the weekend. plenty of sunshine, not quite as warm as it was today. but temperatures are still going to be pretty much on the upside. here's a look at your day planner. by midday we expect to see temperatures into the 60s. our daytime high is going to be 6 degrees for tomorrow and the -- 68 degrees for tomorrow and the five-day forecast shows a chance of showers tuesday night into wednesday with the most rainfall being tuesday night. >> can't complain. a lot of it is average temperatures for this time of year. always the bearer of good news. even when it's bad you do a marvelous job. hospitals across the country are cracking down on hand washing. it has more to do with the method than houston. to pass the test it's going to take more than a bar of soap. fox's orlando salinas shows
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us how new technology enforce dz better hand washing. >> reporter: nurses and doctors at the university of florida medical center are getting warned. if they get too close to patients without washing their hands. inside the neurointensive care they must wwar electronic badges, warning if they don't sanitize you could pass on an infection. >> it made you more conscious of how often you have don't wash your hands. >> reporter: the high green hand hygiene system detects soaps and hand gels much like a breathalyzer reads alcohol levels. not enough sanitizer and the system buzzes until that person washes thoroughly, gets a green light. >> take a deep breath. >> and cares for the patient. >> i think it helps them knowing their health care provider has clean hands. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control each year in
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america 90,000 people die from hospital borne infections. doctors at the university of florida came up with this solution. >> that would have the most benefit to patients and health care workers and the united states of america, because this is a 40 to $50 billion a year problem. >> reporter: a wall unit sends a wireless signal that tracks every doctor or nurse that walks into a patient's room. and keeps records of who washed their hands. and who didn't. already hospitals across the country are asking about this pilot program. eventually, every employee here at the university of florida health science center will be required to wear a high green electronic badge. if they have direct or even indirect contact with a patient. in gainesville florida, orlando salinas fox news. the caps bid farewell to the regular season and the nats superstar makes his
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official pro debut. dave feldman is up next in sports.
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good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. a game with boston that meant nothing. in game that met everything, the flyers and lafrnlg rangers eliminated new york and puts montreal in a first round match up with the caps. the playoff will start later this week with verizon center. early first period caps gone alexander semin has a wrist shot that goes through the legs of two defense men. the caps led 1-0.
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third period game tied at 2. caps win the face off mike green's shot deflected past mike knuble. gave the caps a 3-2 lead. still 3-2, the bruins markoe sturm fires it past varlomav. the caps fall to the bruins, 4-3 in the shoot-out. after the game a great tradition. the caps including over i give lucky season -- ovie give lucky season ticket holders their jerseys. the real season begins this week. >> we've known for a long time that we're going to be in the playoffs, so as much as you want to push them they're looking forward to a different kind of challenge. so for that, i'm happy that the regular season is over. >> it would be a nice night to enjoy kind of the extra season but when we come in tuesday there won't be any
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more, that was a great season. we'll be strictly looking forward. >> reporter: nationals third baseman ryan zimmerman is expected to return thursday. top of the first, scoreless. josh willingham with the bases-loaded. going to takeo an santana to officer field. if this would fail you would see a ball that could come near the wall. and then anyway the highlight is not going to come. they have even their record to 3-3. the nats are doing good. orioles fell to the bluejays 5-2. they're 1-5. the nationals future on display. pitching phenom steven strasburg made his debut with harrisburg senators.
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they trail altoona 1-0. now bottom of the 4th. harrisburg committed two errors leading to three unearned runs. rudy owns with the base hit up the middle. altoona led 4-0. strasburg ends the 4th with a breaking ball strike 3. they allowed one earned run while striking out 8. harrisburg trails for 1 strasburg helped his own cause delivering the base hit over the rightfielder, delivering in a run. harrisburg rallies to give strasburg the win in his pro debut. texas stadium is no more. the home of the dallas cowboys from '71 until 2008demolished at 7:00 a.m. local time. with the help of 2 #240 -- 2,700 pounds of explosive. the property will be used as
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a staging area for highway construction projects. i'm sure redskins fans say good riddance. highlights of the masters tonight and caps play canadiens. >> no canadian jokes. >> you live in d.c. that does it for us at 6:00. we're back tonight at 10:00 and "news edge" at 11:00.
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